Our Supporters

Friends of Redwood in its second year, has nearly 50 supporters and includes individual donors at various donor levels as separated below, and the following community and business sponsors:

β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Becky Perelli
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Berton Mahardja 
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Cindy & David Tatum
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Claire Kolling 
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Elvin Hacker
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Linda Avalos
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Nina LaPick

β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Ariela Villalpando
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Betty Casey
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Bonnie Hansen
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Carol & Chris Thomsen
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Catherine & Dennis Bonnar
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Dennis & Lori McBride 
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Jennifer and Randy Webb
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ John Whitehurst  
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Judith Gable 
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Kathryn Hartley 
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Martha Beetley & Thomas Hagler
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Mattias Lanas
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Mike Garoutte
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Pamela Tenn 
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Susan Speicher

β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Adriene Wong & Henry Lin 
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Alan Sarver
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Allison & Rich Ginn
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Anna Cheng 
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Christina Syer
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Edwin Ng
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Jorge Ramos
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Mike Garoutte

β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Carrie Du Bois
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Cindy Wilber
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Elizabeth Weal & Bruce Hodge
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Maureen Svenson
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Optimist Club of San Carlos-Belmont
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Tom Booher
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ WeiWei Yang

β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Optimist Club of Redwood City
β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Susan Tatum

β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Bryn and Susan Dole

β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Meryl & Robert Selig

β€’πŸŒ±β€’ Your name could go here!

Thank You for Groceries - June 2020

Hello Friends of Redwood,

My name is Evelin and I’m a student at Redwood High School. I wanted to thank you all for helping many students in need such as myself with gift cards. They’ve been very helpful during these times. Due to the pandemic many families have been laid off without pay and it’s been hard, and all of you who have contributed with giving gift cards have been a very big blessing in our lives. I cannot describe the amount of appreciation I have for you all. Thank you again! I hope next year is better for all of us.

Redwood Student

Give Back

Appreciative of the Support - July 2021


Soy la mamΓ‘ de Brayan agradeciendo su ayuda. Nicki me dio 200 dolares mΓ‘s para la familia el dΓ­a lunes. Mil bendiciones. Y por favor agradezca de la parte de nuestra familia por la gran ayuda para nosotros que Dios me los bendiga siempre.

Buenas noches,
MamΓ‘ de Brayan
Redwood Family

Give Back